A Bright Start to 2012

March 28th 2012

Fooc_Cycle13 Reference Lauren Mclean

This year one of the things we are trying to get better at is collecting data from our users so that we can monitor how our spaces are being used, as well as our own performance quarter on quarter. Firstly a big thank you to (almost!) everyone for filling in the form we sent out. We have had 29 charities, community groups and non-profit organisations use our units since the start of the year. Our portfolio currently stands at 22 properties and we’re hopeful that this will continue to grow throughout 2012 so watch this space for new opportunities coming to your area of the UK!

So what interesting info can we share with you so far? Well, social organisations had 1,109 days of use in our properties between the start of January and the end of March and the number of people who have used a 3Space property in that period was 5,385.

3Space was set up with the specific aim of helping social organisations to achieve their charitable objectives so we are very pleased to be able to demonstrate that we’re making progress. In fact when our users were asked if “the use of a 3Space property had helped us towards fulfilling our charitable objectives,” (5 being strongly agree and 1 being strongly disagree), the average response was 4.69 which was very heartening. Over the course of the year we will continue to map our progress and in January 2013 we will be publishing the results. We hope they’ll show that we are growing our portfolio of units, increasing the number of organisations and individuals who are using our properties and that we are providing a good level of service that is helping charities and other social organisations to achieve their goals.

If you’ve used one of our properties and would like to give some more in-depth feedback, then please feel free to fill out our online feedback form.

Many thanks to Food Cycle and Lauren Mclean for the use of the photo in this blog.

By Harry

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