Experiencing 3Space

May 18th 2012



On hearing that I had the opportunity to gain work experience with 3Space I was immediately excited by the prospect of getting to work for a charity, and in a new and somewhat unfamiliar environment.  As a recent Politics graduate, I have spent the past few years learning about the world around me, finding out how it works, what issues we face, and what we could all do better.  On graduating I found myself with one real aim when job hunting – to do something that made a difference.

The approach 3Space takes, and the ways in which it achieves its aims as a charity is really refreshing, particularly for a graduate looking to work in the charities sector.  The corporate model of the major UK and international charities is absent, and what matters are the people.  What I enjoy most about 3space is how social it is, and the way it utilises connections in person and through social media to give other charities the support they need by something as simple as finding them the space to do what they want.  A friendly mention on Twitter and within weeks there can be a user in a space!

While I am working at 3Space, I hope to support and contribute to a fun, vibrant and inspiring environment, helping to expand our online presence and find new, interesting and exciting ways to transform temporary spaces.  The potential of established online channels like Facebook and Twitter, and emerging platforms like Pinterest, to help charities, non-profits and community groups find the space they need is great, and is already being utilised.  But these avenues are also great ways to help spread ideas, inspiration and knowledge too.

It’s not necessarily about raising funds or advocating for any particular group, but about doing something tangible that makes an immediate difference to individuals and communities.

By Rozi


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